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"Imagine" Pencil Box Details ~ Helmar

I'm back to share the details on the pencil box I created for Helmar.

I try to make projects that fit a use in my life and this is no exception. One of our daughters collects fountain pens and this is a perfect gift for her to hold one of her prized possessions.

Helmar has a wide variety of products, and I'm showcasing the Decoupage and Craft Paste, which I used to adhere and coat the paper on this sweet pencil box. 

Pencil Box
Pencil Box by Tracey Sabella for Helmar. Mixed media, Wild Orchid Crafts, 13 Arts, Tim Holtz

Tips and Techniques
Pencil Box by Tracey Sabella for Helmar. Mixed media, decoupage
I purchased this unfinished wood pencil box at my local craft store. The first thing I did was to brush it with gesso. While the gesso was drying, I cut pieces of paper to fit the sides, top, and sliding piece. **Note** Do not paint the edges where the edges of the closure piece slide into place. Ask me how I know - I painted then had to sand and sand the edge for top to slide with ease again. :-)

To adhere the paper to my box, I generously coated the wood piece to be covered as shown here, and the back of the paper with Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste. I then placed the paper over the coated wood. A wide, flat brush as shown in the photo will help apply the Decoupage and Craft Paste with just a few strokes, so it is nice and wet for the application. You will have a few moments before the glue sets to move the paper around to center just right over the wood piece. 

Pencil Box by Tracey Sabella for Helmar. Mixed media, Wild Orchid Crafts, 13 Arts, Tim Holtz
Once the paper was adhered and all was dry, I applied another coat of Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste over the entire box to seal. 

When dry, I randomly stenciled molding paste here and there on the box and tore bits and pieces of dictionary script tissue tape to apply around the box, then dry brushed the entire box with watered down gesso. The metal pieces were also dry brushed with gesso before applying to the box with Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I adhered a small piece from a drawer pull to grasp to open and close the box. To make sure it was securely in place, I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adheseive, which gives a very strong bond. 

Pencil Box by Tracey Sabella for Helmar. Mixed media, Wild Orchid Crafts, 13 Arts, Tim Holtz
I added metal decor pieces to the side of the box using more Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. To adhere the button, which was raised off of the box by the ruler and gear, I used Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots, which spanned the open space below the button to adhere.

I've been into using glass mini marbles and microbeads lately, so I tried something new here. I wanted to cluster some of the beads around my other embellishments, so I squeezed on a nice thick application of Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA Glue. Then I sprinkled the glue with glass mini marbles. I adore the extra dimension and how the light reflects off of them. This glue dries crystal clear, so when dry, all you see is the cluster of marbles. 

Pencil Box by Tracey Sabella for Helmar. Mixed media, Wild Orchid Crafts, 13 Arts, Tim Holtz
Here's one final shot to show how the box looks as it is being opened.

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  1. WOW Tracey is this a gorgeous box, I love all the details you created on it and what a special creation for your daughter to hold some of her collection :)

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors too!

  3. This is adorable! And I had to laugh about your sanding the box where the slider goes! That so sounds like me! Love that you've made something useful AND pretty!

  4. This is so beautiful Tracey!! Love the pale blue colour and the gorgeous textures on the side. I'll bet your daughter was delighted to receive this!! Stunning!! ox


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