Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pay It Forward to honor Keaton

I don't often share giveaways on my blog, but this is one I hope you'll participate in.

This "Pay It Forward" by friend, Pam Ellis, is to help bring focus to 2-year old Keaton aka Kiki who is battling cancer.

Isn't she adorable? To learn more about Keaton and to enter Pam's Pay It Forward Giveway, stop by her blog, Lillybean.

Here's what you could win:

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~ Blessings ~


  1. tfs What a precious little girl!

  2. sending hugs and white light to Keaton, gorgeous little girl... this brings back memories of our Mark when he had cancer back in 1990 .. thank goodness treatment has improved since then ... it was hideous and tortureous .... love and hugz to you and your friends xoxo

    1. Thanks Heather, that must have been so difficult to go through with Mark. ~ Blessings

  3. Off to check it out!! Thanks for letting us know ...she is a CUTIE!!!!!!!


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