Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dont' forget that you have until tomorrow - Wednesday to head on over to ScrapFIT and enter a challenge to have your name put into the hat for my RAK, these cute little flowers I crocheted:

You can leave a comment here letting me know which Workouts or Warm Ups you entered and you'll get one entry for each.

Current ScrapFIT
#49 Put A Banner On It ~ Enter by August 31
#50 Be Inspired by a Book ~ Enter by August 31
Weekend Warm Up:
#12 Scallops ~ Enter by September 2

I have been asked to give a pattern for my little flowers. I will start by saying I just dabble in very simple crochet. I actually took a couple different patterns and played around with them to get these flowers. Here is my attempt to give you a pattern for them.

I used size 10 bamboo crochet thread and a size 3 (2.10 mm) crochet hook.

Crochet Flower Pattern:

Start with a Base Adjustable Ring (directions below)

Make 2 more chain stitches, then into your ring,: 5(1Hdc, 2 ch) Now pull your base adjustable ring to take up all the slack, then slip stitch into first set of chain stitches you started with.  (second chain from the top) This connects your first row, making a little ring.

Then for next row:

Around first set of chain stitches (Don’t stitch into the threads of the chains, but all the way around the entire chain.) 1 Hdc, 2Dc, 1Hdc, then Sc into Hdc from first row, repeat around the circle to make your 6 petal daisy. 

These instructions for the base adjustable ring came from Applehead.


If anyone is a master crochet artist and you have ideas for better wording in my pattern, please let me know. :-)

~ Blessings ~


  1. Those are such cute little flowers!! Do you have a pattern you could share?

  2. thank you so much for the pattern!!! they are darling

  3. Those are so pretty, they really add a nice dimension to projects, thank you for the pattern. Hugs, Lori m

  4. I completed #50 just in time! :-) I love scallops but don't know if I'll have time for the #12...

  5. Congratulations to all, and your layout is beautiful. Hugs, Lori m

  6. those flowers are sooo dinky :) I envy those who can crochet, I've tried but just cant get the hang of it. Your instructions make it look easier than I recall, so maybe this is what I need to be inspired to have another go at crochet...thanks

  7. I didn't know how else to let you know the good news. Congrats!!!


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